white pea beans
black cumin seeds
cream beans small size
Desi chick peas Gonder type
greeen mung
pinto beans
Red Kidney beans
sesame seeds humera
soya beans
thyme leave
Turmeric Fingers

Alemu Nega Haile Export

Established in 2010, Alemu Nega Haile Export ranks amongst the leading Exporting firms in the field of Agro based Commodities and food products in Ethiopia. The clean & neat products of white Humera type sesame seeds, white wollega type sesame seeds, Red sesame seeds, castor seeds, Lin seeds, Niger seeds, Sun flower seeds, Rape seeds, Red kidney beans, White kidney beans, Light speckled kidney beans, Soya beans, Desi chick peas, Kabuli chick peas, Ground nuts are packaged in new strong 50 k.gs p.p bags and sold to our customers throughout the world.

Our ceaseless pursuit to provide quality services and prompt facilities are guided by the values of professionalism, honesty and efficiency. This has earned us our success and strong position in the competitive international arena.

Our key asset is our long term commitment and personal bond with our reputed global clients. We keep a constant watch on the trends and price-sensitive developments in the market.